DCAI | Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know when planning for a smart home?

If you are involved in a project that can allow you to re-wire your home, such as a refurbishment or a new-build, then you are in the ideal position to take advantage of a fully-wired HDL Bus Pro system. A wired system can offer more power than wireless systems and allow you to take full advantage of the potential of your property.

Your electrician or smart-home specifier should ensure that the wiring in your home for lighting, cooling, curtains, blinds, and other systems, are installed in the correct manner.


For existing and retrofit projects, Our HDL Buspro wireless system fills the requirements and offer a quick and handsone solution.

What technology does HDL use?

HDL is based on a number of different reliable technologies, depending on which product range you use. Most of our products run on a BUS communication protocol called HDL Bus Pro. The HDL devices communicate with each other using a 4-wire cable, such as KNX 4 core (2 twisted pair cable).


The HDL wireless products also communicate using the HDL Bus Pro protocol, on a Z-Wave wireless protocol. For commercial projects (and some residential projects, where requested), our KNX range of products is installed. These are the same core-products but communicate using KNX, a two-wire system.


We are committed to continuous improvement as well as openness to integrate with other manufacturers. Therefore our protocols are available on request to any third-party control manufacturer that wishes to interface with HDL products.

Who can install a HDL system?

HDL should always be installed by a trained and certified professional since it controls mains voltage electrical items such as lighting and climate control systems.


However, once it is installed, all the aspects of your home can be controlled easily and simply, using the elegant panels on your walls, or from smart-phones or tablets, when at home and away.

Do you offer customized solutions?

Sometimes we are approached with specific requirements for large projects. We are always keen to develop our solutions, and if your project has a special requirement then please talk to us to see how we can help you.


For example, hotels often want a specific look and feel for the wall-panels, to match the branding and tone of the venue. We can offer customised panels, finishes and colours for your hotel project.

Is warranty offered with your products?

HDL products are designed to provide many years of operation and are also supplied with 2 years warranty.

What is a smart building?

A smart building means that the main systems such as lighting, air-conditioning, entertainment systems, security, and other electronically controlled systems are connected and can communicate with each other. Then, the system as a whole can be controlled from simple wall panels, or from your smartphone, tablet, or via text message. Also, energy saving or security presets can be activated at the touch of a button, for when going on holiday, while you’re at work, or simply wishing to switch off all the lights in the house from your bedside table, or on your way out.

What if I want to expand the system in the future?

No problem! HDL works on wired and wireless Buspro system. This means that, we can expandthe project either via additional Buspro wired or by adding mesh gateway will make it wireless, further wireless modules can be added. Want to add more music zones, or upgrade to a logic-module for time-based features? All of these can be expanded easily !

Can HDL work with voice commands?

All of our previously installed (wired or wireless) projects can work with Alexa/ Google just by upgrading the firmware to have voice control. Same goes with Siri.